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Buttstock Mil Spec

AR- Buttstock Mil Spec retractable

85,00 €


To enhance the comfort of the retractable stock of any AR or M4 type rifle, AC- Unity is offering its Tactical Stock as retrofit accessory for all AR, M16 and M4 Rifles. The Tactical Stock provides an inproofed locking mechanism to prevent a loose movement on the buffer tube (Mil Spec buffer tube). In addition there are coming 3 different types of quick changeable, slide preventing and shock absorbing rubber back plates, an ergonomical shaped cheek rest and multiple sling hooks.


  • Available in opaque Black, Desert and OD Green Polymer

  • The body is impact resistant through a wide range of temperatures

  • Metal Parts are hardened and corrosion resistant

  • Quick changeable rubber back plates

  • Made in Bosnia 



Task GmbH

P.O. Box 0033, 2410 Hainburg